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About Us

Soaring energy prices and global environmental concerns have resulted in some innovative and exciting business solutions.

GreenPlanet proudly offers you a FREE product that reduces your personal carbon footprint and conforms to environmental legislation regarding businesses. And it makes your life easier – what could be better?

Paperless communication positively impacts on our world, reducing carbon emissions and the number of non-degradable fax machines and toner cartridges dumped in landfill sites. By means of sophisticated electronics, this fax-to-email service improves communication and document storage.

GreenPlanet combines conventional faxing with the speed and convenience of email. Even better, it doesn’t cost you a thing. The training, installation and actual fax-to-email service is completely free of charge!

If that isn’t enough, the fax-to-email service speeds up business communication, increases productivity and reduces operating costs. In a nutshell, it saves you time, space and money.

Better for our planet, best for you