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Help Save Marine Life: Your Voice Counts!

Animal lovers the world over have joined forces in the wake of the news that Japan has now captured a rare albino dolphin. This rare mammal, both deaf and blind, was brutally taken from his mother’s side. It is reported that the dolphin’s mother took her own life when her child was so cruelly taken from her. When this magnificent creature was taken from the ocean, the animal rights community made their voices heard with gusto, passion and bravery. The world has had enough of animal abuse violations, particularly in Japan.

When will enough be enough?

In Taiji Japan, dolphins and whales are brutally killed during hunts while only a few are selected to be removed from their habitat alive. These defenceless and highly intelligent creatures are faced with unspeakable living conditions, a life of damaging confinement in captivity. The life of one of these harmless creatures in captivity is short, painful and inhumane. They are made to live out the rest of their lives in a small and dirty tank while being forced to perform parlour tricks for the general public. Fisherman are making money from the sale of these animals and this encourages the continuation of such brutal hunts.

Stop airlines from helping in the slaughter of dolphins!

There is a way to help reduce this murderous ‘business.’ Animal Rights activists have put together a petition to prevent airlines from transporting these poor creatures across continents, denting the dolphin and whaling industry enormously.

Add your voice to the fight… help save our marine life. Visit: uk.whales.org