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Rainforests: Help save the ‘lungs of the Earth’

Rainforests, as the name implies, are forests located in areas of considerably high rainfall. Tropical rainforests receive 68” – 78” of rain per year. The rainforests located close to the equator are evergreen as the trees are always in leaf due to the climate. The importance of the rainforest: Rainforests are of vital importance to our planet. They provide the world with medicine, oxygen, food and biodiversity. Rainforests are home …Read More

Social change and the Ruby World Cup: The power of sport

1995 saw a country come together in a way no one could have ever predicted. After years of struggle, dehumanisation of an entire race and painful segregation, South Africa saw unity for the first time. 1994 was a momentous year, one that gave South Africa freedom from the shackles of apartheid. In this freedom, the South African people feared what was to come – could a country and its people …Read More