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Celebrating Our Differences

Take a look around you. We live in a country full of magnificent diversity. Each person you pass on the street has something wonderfully unique and colourful about them. Let’s celebrate all our brilliant differences and at the same time, embrace our own individuality. The Fear Historically, the differences that surround us, from different races, creeds or subcultures, have formed the basis of fear, racism and bigotry. People fear diversity …Read More

Add you voice – Fight against animal abuses

Help Save Marine Life: Your Voice Counts! Animal lovers the world over have joined forces in the wake of the news that Japan has now captured a rare albino dolphin. This rare mammal, both deaf and blind, was brutally taken from his mother’s side. It is reported that the dolphin’s mother took her own life when her child was so cruelly taken from her. When this magnificent creature was taken …Read More

Russia Rules the Winter Olympics

Uniting a country through sport! Russia, the 2014 Winter Olympics Host, has won its first gold medal! Sunday night saw the Russian figure skating team dominate its opponents. The team figure skating competition is a new experience for the Winter Olympics and has been a hugely successful event. The Iceberg arena where the competition took place was packed with fans and supporters, including Russian President Vladimir Putin. The Russians skated …Read More

Rainforests: Help save the ‘lungs of the Earth’

Rainforests, as the name implies, are forests located in areas of considerably high rainfall. Tropical rainforests receive 68” – 78” of rain per year. The rainforests located close to the equator are evergreen as the trees are always in leaf due to the climate. The importance of the rainforest: Rainforests are of vital importance to our planet. They provide the world with medicine, oxygen, food and biodiversity. Rainforests are home …Read More

Social change and the Ruby World Cup: The power of sport

1995 saw a country come together in a way no one could have ever predicted. After years of struggle, dehumanisation of an entire race and painful segregation, South Africa saw unity for the first time. 1994 was a momentous year, one that gave South Africa freedom from the shackles of apartheid. In this freedom, the South African people feared what was to come – could a country and its people …Read More