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Rainforests: Help save the ‘lungs of the Earth’

Rainforests, as the name implies, are forests located in areas of considerably high rainfall. Tropical rainforests receive 68” – 78” of rain per year. The rainforests located close to the equator are evergreen as the trees are always in leaf due to the climate.

The importance of the rainforest:

Rainforests are of vital importance to our planet. They provide the world with medicine, oxygen, food and biodiversity. Rainforests are home to at least half of the world’s animals and plants and are home to a third of the world’s bird species. Another incredible fact? The rainforest is home to 90% of the planets invertebrates. New species are constantly being discovered in the depths of these forests. 2006 saw 19 new lemur species recorded in Madagascar.

Modern medicines are made with hundreds of plants from the rainforest. An incredible 25% of our medicines come from plants growing in the rainforests. The reason that these forests are often referred to as the ‘lungs of the world’ is because they provide 20% of the world’s oxygen.

The terrifying facts:

Before humanity began carelessly destroying rainforests, rainforests in their entirety covered 15% of the Earths land. Now, rainforests only cover 6% of our land, and this percentage is dropping rapidly. In the last 50 years, one third of tropical rainforests have been destroyed. Society can no longer ignore these facts! This is known as deforestation and only now is the world taking notice and recognising just how dangerous the damage is…

It is time to educate ourselves and utilise alternative procedures to help save our precious and dwindling resources. Save paper, save the trees, save the lungs of the earth! The worlds overwhelming demand for paper is no longer necessary thanks to alternative options such as fax to email, computer documents and desktop files.

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