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Russia Rules the Winter Olympics


Uniting a country through sport!

Russia, the 2014 Winter Olympics Host, has won its first gold medal! Sunday night saw the Russian figure skating team dominate its opponents. The team figure skating competition is a new experience for the Winter Olympics and has been a hugely successful event. The Iceberg arena where the competition took place was packed with fans and supporters, including Russian President Vladimir Putin. The Russians skated gracefully to victory and won the gold even before the final free-dance has begun. This was an incredible win for the country, a country who was united through a gorgeous dance on ice.

The Russian team was led to victory by Evgeni Plushenko and Julia Lipnitskaia. While watching the event unfold, it is hard to believe that Lipnitskaia is just a teenager, her talent is astounding and her flair on the ice is simply breath-taking. The 15 year old stole the show, donning a Russian baseball cap once she had completed her routine. This showed her solidarity toward her countrymen and it was as though she had united a country in that moment… truly capturing the essence of sport.