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Fax Out

Why GreenPlanetFax?

The facts about faxing

The average fax machine uses 5,000 sheets of paper a year. The paper is sourced from over 16 million trees harvested for US paper demand only. Millions of hectares of earth are covered in fast growing crops such as pine and eucalyptus. These aliens invade natural grasslands and forests causing extensive ecological damage, wiping out natural flora and fauna, and use massive amounts of water.

How much paper is used – and wasted – in your office?

  • It takes over 3 litres of oil to produce one laser cartridge.
  • The plastic in each printer cartridge takes more than a thousand years to degrade.
  • Across the world, 25 million printer cartridges are dumped in landfills every month.
  • The remanufacture of toner cartridges prevents more than 38,000 tons of plastic and metal being dumped in landfills.
  • Ironically, if you stacked 125 toner cartridges end-to-end, they would equal the height of the Statue of Liberty.
  • Research has found that ultra-fine toner particles are potentially as hazardous to your health as cigarette smoke.

Evergreen Giving

By choosing the GreenPlanet electronic faxing service, you are actively reducing the number of redundant fax components containing harmful toners dumped each year.

To match your commitment, GreenPlanet will donate money to your favourite charity – on your behalf.

Protecting our planet

  • A 6 year-old tree yields only 16 reams of paper.
  • By printing only the faxes you need to, you reduce paper wastage.
  • Electronic faxing reduces paper demand.
  • Decreased paper demand means less alien tree plantations.
  • Alien tree plantations destroy ecosystems and natural habitats.
  • Less alien trees means less water – saving our most precious resource.
  • Non-degradable old fax machines and toner cartridges contribute to toxic landfill sites.

And you get

  • A personalised fax-to-email number for life, even if you change your email address.
  • A non-geographic number, so you can receive faxes anywhere, anytime that suits you.
  • Faxes that are received in your email inbox as PDF or TIFF attachments.
  • When you do print, you get superior print quality compared with a conventional fax machine.
  • A facility that allows you to forward faxes to multiple recipients without leaving your desk.
  • A free web administration tool that controls all your incoming and outgoing faxes.
  • No extra hardware or software is required – just your computer and email facility.
  • You get cyber-quick support – no waiting around for a fax technician.
  • A free archiving service. You can’t lose a fax: they’re stored for 5 years at no cost.
  • A fax-to-email service that streamlines your business, saves money and hikes productivity.

Better for our planet, best for you